Sunday, April 22, 2018

nothing to say, no skill in saying it

I have nothing to say and no skill in saying it--which is something I remember (not exact quote) reading John Steinbeck writing in a letter.  I recently heard Joyce Carol Oates expressing a similar worry--at least how uninspired the work seemed-- when talking about trying to start something new. AND SO I AM a little lifted by knowing that these great writers, and many other writers, when facing the blank page, even though they've faced it many times before, have the same doubts I have. Each time.

SO, fellow writers, PUSH ON.

Though the winds be fierce
The waves hard and cold
The land far away
The night dark

Write through the crap you will write. It's the only way to get past the  clumsy and downright ugly approximations of what your work will one day be. You have to have faith that you will find the right words and the lightning to guide you. It will likely take many drafts. PUSH ON. PUSH ON.

BON VOYAGE fellow travelers.