Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Got to be You

The way you see the world and the way you communicate the way you see the world is very closely connected to the voice of any particular manuscript. Even the particular voice of the narrator of your novel sees that particular world in a specific way and communicates it in the novel, BUT this voice is informed by your sensibilities as a writer, too, what might be called the voice behind the voice.

The way you see the world is what is most unique about you as a writer and it is something to be cultivated. Sometimes I think writers suppress this out of fear that their way of seeing the world isn’t what’s selling or fashionable, that it won’t have any interest to readers. How can you know? I don’t think readers really know themselves what they want until they see it. If you persuade them that your particular way of seeing is interesting and unique, they’ll keep reading. Maybe building an audience will take several books if your way isn’t assessable to an audience or is very different, but you have to trust that you’ll eventually reach readers that respond to your vision.


Anonymous said...

Agents and publishers are looking for original voices. For beginning writers, it's okay to write like other successful writers/authors. Once you found your voice (For me, my particular voice came as a suprise to me. I had always thought I wanted to write for adults when I discovered that my writing voice was actually geared for young adults).
So, be true to who you are and see where the journey takes you.

Brian Yansky said...

So true. And the journey is great fun.