Friday, August 5, 2011

bang your head against the wall school of writing

I interrupt my regularly scheduled MAD SCIENTIST posts for an important message. As I was banging my head against the wall this morning trying to create a coherent sentence, I suddenly realized that this was my method of writing. I am of the bang-your-head-against- the-wall school of writing. True, it does lead to a slightly misshapen head and if you get carried away there is the danger of concussion, but it’s my school just the same, my alma mater. Go bang-your-head-against- the- wall writers.

If you write and write and write WITH a constant eye toward what you’re doing wrong and right in each piece you work on while, when perplexed, banging your head against the wall for guidance, you will eventually find your way. I am a believer.

Or so I think today.

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