Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do Book Trailers Work? Definite Maybe. Some links & my trailer...

Do Book Trailers Work? Definite Maybe.
Some links to discussions about book trailers AND my new book trailer.

From the Daily Beast
Blog about how trailers aren’t really worth it.


Lynne Kelly said...

Great trailer, Brian! I know, people have different answers for whether they lead to book sales or not, but I enjoy them.

Here's another good post about the how and why of making trailers for YA & children's books, by Ink & Angst just a couple days ago:

Brian Yansky said...

Thanks, Lynne. I'll take a look.

Unknown said...

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RR said...

Good Trailer Brian! So far I don't think they translate to sales at all. I have 22,000 hits on a book series with CTA etc but no conversions from it as far as I can make out. I am doing something wrong.
Anyone out there with tips and pointers on what it might be then please speak up!