Friday, September 3, 2021

 As a writer and as a person I feel like I am constantly taking this sign down and putting it back up.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing though. You got to have hope.

Here is my newest hope, the third novel of the Poe Detective Series, Romeo Moon.

It's a fantasy, second-world, historical (set around 1915 except, you know, second world, so the bad guy is an evil magician), western, with attention to language and humor. In other words, a mutt. I write mutts. 

I do think that readers are more receptive to genre bending and blending than they once were. Why is that?  More reviewers from more diverse spaces? Maybe because the big five or four or three or whatever it is this week don't have the strangle hold they once did on the market? Whatever the reason, I'm glad for it.

Thanks for reading. Brian

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