Saturday, September 4, 2010

blocked writers

Writers do get blocked. It happens all the time. Some people call that writer’s block. But unless you have some physical problem or some serious mental problem, the way around it, I believe, is to keep writing. Anyone able to put their fingers on a keyboard or pick up a pen can write. The blocked writer can write. They just can’t write well. I think this is what happens to writers who get stuck. They’re disappointed in the writing so they think/feel they can’t go on. They stop writing. This leads to longer and longer stretches of not writing. Not writing begets not writing.

Sometimes you have to write badly in order to find your way back to writing well. During those times you’re like someone walking through a desert. It will be hot, dry, and you’ll be thirsty and all alone. You have to just keep moving. A lot of other writers have gone through that same desert before if that helps any. Eventually, step by step, you’ll make it to the other side.

Writers write. They don’t always write well. That’s an important point, I think. People who get writer’s block can still write; they just think they can’t write anything well. If you should find yourself in that place you just have to force yourself to write on—even if it’s bad.

Or so I think today.


Sherrie Petersen said...

So very true. I know I went through years of thinking I sucked if what I wrote didn't read like a best seller on the first draft. I know better now ;)

Brian Yansky said...

Thanks for stopping by, Solvang.

IowaCityIs said...
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IowaCityIs said...

As a writer wannabe, I've found every word to be a struggle in my screen-writing class. Someone reminded me, the other day, to "enjoy the process". You've re-reminded me.