Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pushing on and BookTrailer

There comes a point in almost everything I work on when I want to give up. I want to quit. I think to myself, this will never work. I think to myself, what is wrong with you? I think to myself, start over you fool. Quit wasting time.

Actually, this isn’t something I just think about writing. I’ve thought it at other times, too. We all do. But with writing—it happens with nearly every novel I try to write. I’ll be writing a first draft in all of its unwieldy and maddeningly imprecise glory and I’ll feel I’m on the wrong road. I came to a split in the road somewhere earlier in the draft and I took the less traveled road and look what happened? I’m hopelessly lost.

Most of the time I struggle through. Most of the time I push on and it’s the right decision. Writing a novel is a messy business. Sometimes you just have to get messy.
Or so I think today.
In Alien News: Here’s my book trailer--


Unknown said...

This dead end road is why we have this online community of writers to prevent us from a) going completely insane and/or

b)giving in to our insanity and stopping writing.

Note to self, both very, very bad!

Great trailer by the way, can I push it out to my friends?

Brian Yansky said...

Yep, it's nice to have writer friends. Thanks. And thanks about the trailer. Yeah, push it out. That would be great.